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Inogen Alliance

Inogen Alliance is a global corporation of consultants that provides global coverage through one point of contact for environmental, health, safety, and sustainability solutions for multinational organizations. Together by choice for 20 years, the Alliance has unparalleled global coverage with over 200 offices and 5,000 consultants partnering to solve EHS challenges, resolve liabilities from the past, address today's requirements and deliver innovative solutions for the future. Inogen Alliance offers "global thinking with local expertise" and a committed and attentive team of diverse experts around the world. 

The Alliance’s global service delivery model is built on delivering seamless, high quality, consistent and cost effective Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability services. With the diversity of our associate members we have local expertise in a global environment. Our associates understand the cultural nuances, regulations, and language in their own countries where they operate as independent businesses coming together through the Inogen Alliance to create a global network for clients with unparalleled coverage.

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